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P-47 Thunderbolt

According to the sources it´s the P-47D-25 "Dottie Mae" of 2/Lt. Henry G.Mohr jr. 405th FG 511th FS.

Two P-47 were flying very low over the lake during the first days in May ´45 (said to be VE-Day). Obviously they presumed captured US soldiers in the nearby KZ (Concentration Camp) Ebensee and tried to announce the approach of the front and their upcoming liberation. One plane - Mohr´s - touched the lake level with its prop blades, lost the prop and had to ditch shortly afterwards. The pilot left the sinking plane and swam to the shore where he obviously was received by a German officer and must have been POW for some hours.

The ditching explains the good condition of the plane, prop is missing (due to the distruction of the Magnesium under water) with minor damage at fuselage and tail...the good condition is also due to the depth (said to be 75 - 87 meters), the freshwater and the cold temperatures of the Traunsee in Upper-Austria.



'Dottie Mae' during the War.
December 1st 2006

Bob, the current owner of Mottie Mae was gracious enough to give us a tour of the aircraft

Here is the nose-art: Dottie Mae in a Santa outfit in front of a Christmas tree
Bob in front of the precious nose-art.
A portion of the front cowling
The fuselage of Dottie Mae - on the floor buckets of silt as it comes out of the plane.
The engine
Bob (l) demonstrating the crash to Hugh (r)
On the side of the aircraft: Project number, Model number and Serial number
Beneath the cockpit on the left side is the name of one of the pilots.
A dataplate
The socket for a fluorescent lamp (in black) to make the dials of the instruments glow more intensely and the I.F.F. Destruct Switch Box (in red)
The engine from the front
A partial view of the cockpit
A total view of the cockpit
A bullet was used to seal the fuel-line to the extra fuel tanks.
Silt from the Traunsee
Bob and the fuselage
Andreas posing with Dottie Mae
Ernie Persich inspecting the cockpit
The gun-sight - looks like new.

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