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N54173 - History

Stearman 173

Boeing Aircraft Model: N2S-3

Manufacturer's Serial No.: 75-6574

Identification No.: 5400

05. May 1942: Aircraft was built in Witchita, KS

13. Sep. 1942: Initial Testflight (see Aircraft Log Book #1)

16. Sep. 1942: Aircraft was ferried to New Orleans, LA, where it was used as a pilot trainer until it's retirement.

01. Apr. 1946: Last flight as a military trainer to Dallas, TX (see Aircraft Log Book #2)

31. July 1946: Sold to Clyde E. Kendall in Kirkland (U.S.A.A.F.), WA for $510.00 by War Assets Administration; registered as: N65557

02. June 1964: Aircraft sold to Edward W. Nelson in Seattle, WA

12. Feb 1994:  Aircraft sold to Ray Chalker in Tacoma, WA (Dealer) - see picture below

10. Mar 1996: Registration number of aircraft changed from N65557 to N54173

18. Sep 1996: Aircraft sold to Leland d. Searles in Fircrest, WA - see picture below

03. Oct .1998: Aircraft sold back to Ray Chalker in Tacoma, WA (Dealer)

14. Oct. 1998: Aircraft sold to Carl J. Terrana in Buckley, WA

08. Nov 2002: Aircraft sold to Philip J. Parish in Tucson, AZ

?? July 2003: Aircraft sold to Andreas E. Hotea in San Jose, CA

View some selected scanned pages from the original logbooks of N54173 from 1942-1946

Aircraft Log Book #1

Aircraft Log Book #2

View some scanned pages of other historic documents for N54173

Historic Aircraft Documents

Left to right: John Dimmer, Ray Chalker, Lee Searles and Andreas Hotea in Cottage Grove, OR in 2006

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