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Favorite and Useful Links

Aviation Related

Restoration Related Websites

Warbirds EAA Warbirds of America

Stearman Restorers Association 

Open Cockpit - Vintage Aircraft Site

Eagle Flight - A Precision Formation Flight Team

Joint Liaison Formation Committee (JLFC)

Mohr Barnstorming (Stearman Aerobatic)

AOPA Airport Data (membership required)

IFR Approach Charts (and much more - AirNav)

Duat (Aviation Wx and Flight planning)  (Login required)

Vintage Wings and Wheels  Aircraft Repair and Maintenance Travel Air Restorers Association

Please use all Weather and Aviation sites with caution

Weather Sites for the Bay Area

Mobile Favorites

AirNav for Hollister

NOAA - National Weather Service (SFO Bay)

NOAA - National Weather Service (DopplerRadar)

NOAA - Aviation Weather Center

Adds, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, AIR/SIGMETs, Satelite, RADAR, Turbulence, Icing, Convection, Wind/Temp, Prog Charts

Mount Hamilton cameras

Current Weather for Hollister

FAA Weathermaps for Bay Area - California

Duat Mobile (Login required)


National Weather Service


PDA Animated Weather

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